Simone story
Simone story

Simone’s Story

It’s the 26th May 2023 and as I write this, Marion and I have just celebrated our first full year since meeting and the anniversary of my first ‘Cross dressing’ appointment at The Natural Touch. Marion’s help and advice, regarding the application of make up, what style of outfits suit me, how to present my feminine self, and her guidance in understanding who I am, has been second to none. Moreover, the friendship that we have developed during this past year has become so valuable to me.

Naturally, we had to celebrate our anniversary in style and so we spent an hour or so in the sunshine, enjoying the garden of a nice country house hotel, two “ladies” sipping a glass of champagne each!

In my last diary entry in February of this year I predicted that 2023 would be full of even more milestones reached and achievements accomplished and so far, with Marion’s unbelievable encouragement, this is turning into a year that out surpasses anything that I could have ever dreamt of.

Thanks to Marion’s support I am so confident and content with being the Trans woman that I believe that I am. We have been out and about to so many places with me dressed en femme, including the St Albans museum where we enjoyed a coffee and a very large piece of cake each. More recently we drove down to Hampstead and visited Kenwood House. To experience this as ME, with my very special Marion by my side was just one of the best moments of my life.

Marion’s hairdresser Emma has also attended to my hair on several occasions and Marion’s facial cleansing treatment at The Natural Touch studio is simply wonderful. I highly recommend it for everyone.

Now recognising myself as Transgender, the change in me has been extraordinary these past 12 months, and following our celebratory drink, I sent Marion a photograph taken a year ago when I first visited her and also one taken quite recently when we were out together. Her email reply couldn’t have summed this up better “The pics look like 2 different people, the lack of confidence in last years one is so obvious compared to now” she said.
That is all thanks to you dearest Marion.

I recently attended a voice coach in central London in a bid to modify the way that I speak and to project a more feminine tone. Fully made up, I went to the appointment alone, but felt that Marion’s presence was with me at all times. After parking, I didn’t just walk to the appointment I positively ‘strutted’ as if I owned the world, such is the boost that Marion has given me.

Our future plans show no bounds and a nice (ladies do) lunch is on the cards this summer along with other trips planned to the West End.

Thank you Marion, for being you, and for helping ME and others in their quest to find and release their feminine self.


Simone xx


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