My Continued Journey with Marion, to Discover the Woman in ‘ME’

Gosh what a year 2022 was!!

Eight months on, since I first telephoned Marion to arrange that initial appointment, my journey to find ‘ME’ has gone from expressing my feminine side through simply cross dressing to something very real and now recognising myself as probably on the edge of being Transgender.

With Marion’s patience, kindness and understanding the true ‘Me’ has been set free and is now flying with such confidence. Not only confidence to be Transgender but also a boost in my confidence across everyday life. Moreover, thanks to Marion, a lot of my general phobias seemed to have disappeared as well, which is amazing.

From a nervous first walk in September, Marion and I have now been out and about regularly in St Albans. We have visited Churches, a Cathedral and Retail outlets with me all made up and dressed, en femme. Some unbelievable adventures, for which I am extremely grateful to Marion for.

The last outing of 2022 found us both enjoying drinks in a Country House Hotel bar and being addressed by the waiter as ‘Ladies’! There is no way that I could have ever achieved this on my own or in reality with anyone else by my side. I just wanted that moment to last forever and when Marion ordered another drink I was so happy that we did not have to go back to The Natural Touch too early.

The start of 2023 has been just as incredible. Marion arranged for me to see a colour/stylist and make up consultant. Such a wonderful and enlightening appointment. Marion’s connections within the LGBT friendly community are a real bonus. Later on in February I also have an appointment with Emma, Marion’s Hairdresser at The Natural Touch.

In truth, God created me as a man and I have no intention of disrespecting Him/Her in this regard by doing anything drastic physically. Furthermore, I also have the happiness of my family to consider. I believe that He/She gave me the biological body of a man for a purpose and I hope that I have fulfilled God’s wishes during my lifetime and that I will continue to do so.

But He/She also gave me feelings and emotions that some of the time I struggle to understand but which on other occasions seem so natural. There is a feeling that there is a feminine personality in side of me. I do not know what it feels like to be a woman, and equally I do not know how other men feel. However, after I have put on a nice outfit and done my make up and hair, the euphoric feeling that comes over me when I look into the mirror is something extraordinary. I have this sense of an ‘energy’ rushing through me out of the top of my head and then it settles calmly over me. Is this a release of this feminine side of me or is this really me?

As the great 19th Century artist John Constable said, “We see nothing truly till we understand it” so onward goes my journey of self-understanding with my friend Marion.

Here’s to 2023, which with Marion’s guidance will I am sure, be full of even more milestones reached and achievements accomplished.

Thank you Marion.

Your positive energy over the last year has given me such strength, and time spent with you is always so up lifting.

Si xx


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