What is the Sensory Massage?

A new truly unique pure relaxation massage experience, created by leading massage therapist Marion Adams in 2013. This 60 minute massage is designed to relax and de-stress the mind and body into a state of deep relaxation. Calming the in the head ‘chattering’, forward thoughts and stresses that come from our busy , stressful lives. During the massage the brain ‘switches off’ and goes into a deep relaxed state, leaving the body re-energised and with a sense of inner calm.

What are the benefits of Sensory Massage?

The physiological benefits to the body are:
– Soothes and revitalises skin
– Increases the blood circulation, supplying increased oxygen and nutrient to the tissues
– Reduces toxins in the body
– Improves cognitive function
– Boosts and stimulates the immune system, encouraging the body to heal itself
– Promotes general health and a feeling of well being.

Psychological benefits include:
– Promotes a feeling of deep relaxation and general well being
– Lifts low mood and reduces depressive feelings
– Induces calming, soothing and positive thoughts and feelings
– Help to reduce stress, nerves and tension

How does it work?

The massage aims to block out the sight and sounds of everyday life to heighten and enhance the warm soft touch of the massage therapy, allowing you to drift off into your own subconscious with no interruptions, just you and your own thoughts.

The massage begins with you getting comfortable on the heated massage table, a blindfold is then placed over the eyes to remove sight and block out all light. Super-soft headphones are placed over the ears and special audio of white noise is played to block out everyday noises so the mind can let go. Warm massage oil is applied in soft strokes, giving a calming and tingling sensation.

Who is suitable for Sensory Massage?

Aromatherapy massage is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women (specific pregnancy safe oils are used), older patients and people with disabilities and/or limited mobility.


Marion’s new massage treatment is a truly wonderful and unique experience allowing your mind and body to truly relax. I felt immersed in a warm, cosy, comforting cocoon and soothed by Marion’s magic touch!

I experienced Marion’s newest sensory massage technique. Blocking out external stimuli makes it possible to fully focus on the sensation of the massage and not be distracted. It worked! I have had many massages of various types, and I can fully recommend this one.

I heard that “The Natural Touch” had introduced a new and different massage, and, it was different… all noise was blocked out by a special headset, I was very soon feeling soporific and relaxed. It was like no other massage I have ever tried. Very gentle and effective I have to say it was really lovely and I would recommend Marion to anyone.
SW, St Albans

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing massage you gave All in all it brought about a deep sense of relaxation and total abandonment, unlocking all the tensions in my body. The end result was an incredible feeling of deep relaxation. Perhaps the real proof is the fact that someone later that evening commented, that she had never seen me look so relaxed!! I urge everyone to treat themselves
Julia Verney

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