Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage30 minutes£45
Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage45 minutes£60
Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage60 minutes£75
Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage80 minutes£100
Sensory Massage50 minutes£75
Body Scrub
Seaweed Full Body Scrub30 minutes£35
Seaweed Full Body Scrub (pre waxing or massage)30 minutes£24
Cross Dressing & Transgender Services
1st apt to include Dressing/Clothes Advice/Coffee time70 minutes£65
Application of Makeup75 minutes£65
Makeup Tutorial 1.5 hrs90 minutes£90
Mini Facial & Skincare Advice60 minutes£70
Shopping Experience 2 hrs120 minutes£120
Make up tutorial & Dressing 2.5 hrs150 minutes£150
Emotional Freedom Technique60 minutes£60
EmoTrance60 minutes£60
Mini Facial (with another treatment)30 minutes£25
Mini Facial + Seaweed body scrub50 minutes£48
Female Waxing
Arm Full30 minutes£22
Arm Half15 minutes£15
Bikini (Hot wax)20 minutes£18
Bikini High (Hot wax)30 minutes£20
Bikini & Full Leg50 minutes£50
Bikini & Half Leg40 minutes£38
Brazilian (Hot wax)40 minutes£40
Eyebrow15 minutes£14
Leg Full40 minutes£35
Leg Full & Hollywood OR Brazilian60 minutes£65
Leg Half30 minutes£25
Leg Half & Hollywood OR Brazilian60 minutes£54
Lip & Chin15 minutes£16
Hollywood (Hot wax)40 minutes£40
Underarm15 minutes£14
Gua Sha
Body Gua Sha Treatment30 minutes£45
Facial Gua Sha Treatment20 minutes£30
Healing (energy)30 minutes£40
Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage25 minutes£35
Male Waxing
Abs only20 minutes£20
Arm Half20 minutes£20
Arm Full & Hand40 minutes£40
Back35 minutes£35
Back & Brazilian75 minutes£90
Back, Chest & Abs60 minutes£70
Back & Sleeve45 minutes£40
Body clipping/Trimming (£20 per 20mins)20 minutes£20
Brazilian (Everything in your pants front & back)50 minutes£60
Brazilian Chest Abs80 minutes£90
Chest & Abs30 minutes£35
Crack15 minutes£15
Crack & Buttocks20 minutes£20
Eyebrows15 minutes£14
Eyebrows, Ears & Nostrils30 minutes£28
Full Body160 minutes£180
Hollywood (front tidy, penis & scrotum)30 minutes£40
Hollywood & Crack35 minutes£50
Hollywood & Full leg70 minutes£80
Leg Full45 minutes£45
Leg lower30 minutes£30
Leg Upper30 minutes£32
Nose & ears15 minutes£18
Underarm15 minutes£18

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