Julie’s Story

Hi, my name is Julie, I’ve been transgender for about 40 years and love dressing as a woman. however sometimes you still need help developing and find your path to follow.

I thought I would write a little something on Marion and my visit to The Natural Touch. I’m not going to go into too many details as I don’t want to spoil it for you, plus my five hours would make it a bit of a very long review.

I went to the website and had a look at waxing, make-up and dressing services, they are easy to book online. I have had an eyebrow and full leg wax before, so it wasn’t a problem for me, it’s not as painful as you think!

I picked the date and time, and payed my deposit, I received my confirmation via email and instruction on how to find The Natural Touch, don’t worry about parking, not an issue. If you go dressed or change there, it’s not a concern.

Marion is lovely! She won’t judge you. If you have never dressed in front of anyone before or looking to go out dressed as a woman, I would suggest booking an appointment! Marion will guide you on your look, style, clothes advice, make-up, accessories, colour combinations etc…




I was quite excited when the day to arrived, I just wanted to see Marion and to see what she thinks of Julie, it’s like having a second option, which is not a bad thing as you can get stuck doing the same things over again and again! I have been dressing for 40 years, but it doesn’t mean that you know it all and there is still room for improvement, it’s part of your life journey!

We started with waxing, it was fine for me, I did have questions about other parts of the body for waxing and Marion soon put my mind to rest (I will be booking more treatments!). Then we went through the clothes and I modelled them to Marion, you only need 4–5 outfits, I think I might have taken a bit too much to be honest. Marion soon enhanced a good dress into a stunning dress, by suggesting a few accessories. We took photos so I can remember the accessories and can match them up for future.

We went into make-up session, we had a cup of coffee as we discussed my routine. We started with skin care and the importance of getting a good base to start on. We then went through the steps on applying make-up techniques, I was very interested what Marion thought and to see the end result with a makeover, I loved it! Very happy with the result! It will boost your confidence!

I am already planning the next visit/s, definitely more waxing, going out for lunch, Swedish massage and seeing the colour consultant recommended by Marion. Of course, I will need a new outfit, shoes, and accessories!

So a big heart felt thank you to Marion and making my visit wonderful.

Julie xx


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