What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy massage combines traditional massage with the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of pure essential oils.

What are the benefits of aromatherapy?

The physiological benefits of aromatherapy massage to the body are:
– Soothes and revitalises aches and pains
– Increases the blood circulation, supplying increased oxygen and nutrient to the tissues
– Reduces toxins in the body
– Enhances lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce fluid retention
– Improves cognitive function
– Boosts and stimulates the immune system, encouraging the body to heal itself
– Promotes general health and a feeling of well being.

Psychological benefits include:
– Promotes a feeling of deep relaxation and general well being
– Lifts low mood and reduces depressive feelings
– Induces calming, soothing and positive thoughts and feelings
– Help to reduce stress, nerves and tension

What is aromatherapy oil?

The natural essence used in aromatherapy oils is extracted from various parts of flowers, plants, fruits and trees. These essential oils contain powerful organic chemicals that have a diverse range of healing and beneficial properties. Each essential oil has a unique therapeutic property and effect on the body and can be mixed to create powerful healing combinations.

How do I know which oil is best for me?

Before the treatment, a full consultation to discuss the client’s needs will help to decide which essential oils will be most suitable and achieve the maximum therapeutic results. The selected essential oils are blended with base massage oil and applied using traditional massages techniques.

Who is suitable for aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy massage is suitable for everyone, including pregnant women (specific pregnancy safe oils are used), older patients and people with disabilities and/or limited mobility.


We have known Marion for many years during which time I have enjoyed a range of her therapies and benefited from her healing hands which was particularly helpful following gruelling chemotherapy. My husband is also a devotee of Marion’s wonderful Aromatherapy massage and is convinced it helped enormously when he was giving up smoking. Having been a heavy smoker for over three decades he has now been cigarette free for 12 years. My teenage son, feeling the stress and strains of exams, also enjoys these relaxing sessions.

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