Transgender/Crossdressing Services


Since offering male intimate waxing 5 years ago Marion has gained many clients from the transgender and LGBT community who were looking for a special kind of service. Her clients wanted a confidential, discreet and safe place to go for their treatments. A place where they could be themselves, talk openly with no judgement or embarrassment.

Marion’s Transgender and cross dresser clients range from teenagers to the mature. From those who have gone through transformation to those who are still living, in what they would say in their words is “the wrong body”. Since starting with the waxing, Marion realised that there was a need to expand her treatments etc to offer a variety of other services such as help with – dressing, makeup, skin care, shopping trips etc. and also the more psychological issues that can occur, and for this she uses energy techniques EFT and EmoTrance.

Marion has compiled a list of other trans-friendly therapists, ie: hairdressers, bra fitters, wig specialists who she has personally met, knows and recommends.

1. Dressing and clothes advice
2. EFT & healing
3. Facials
4. Makeup tutorial/aplication/ skin care advice
5. Shopping experience/ going for coffee, lunch etc.
6. Waxing
7. Cetuem skin care products
8. Taking in parcels
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