• Spiritual healing is a natural, holistic and non-invasive energy therapy where healing energy is channelled into the person seeking help to restore balance to the mind, body and spirit.

  • A truly relaxing massage using pure essential oils that promotes deep relaxation, de-stresses the body and mind and boosts health.

  • Confidential, discreet range of Transgender Services including beauty, shopping trips and advice, makeup lessons, facials and waxing.

  • Feel great and smooth with a hair free, clean and natural appearance that will enhance your body definition.

  • Feel amazing with a smooth, soft, hair-free body. Get beach-ready for summer now.

  • EFT is a natural technique of tapping on end points of the body’s energy meridians combined with focusing the mind on a specific emotional issue.




The Natural Touch is a complementary therapy practice located in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. The practice is owned and operated by Marion Adams, a fully qualified, regulated and insured health practitioner with over 20 years’ experience in holistic therapy and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists FHT.

Marion uses a holistic approach, personalised to each individual clients specific needs. After an initial consultation, Marion tailors the best possible combination of natural therapies and treatments to promote health, well-being and alleviate symptoms. She works with people from all sectors of the community including those with disabilities and trans gender clients. The natural holistic therapies range from: Aromatherapy massage, Sensory massage, Indian head massage, spiritual healing and meridian energy techniques.


Are you suffering with an ongoing ailment or symptoms?
Do you need help assessing your holistic health?
Would you like to be stress and pain free?
Are you looking to achieve optimum health and well-being?
Do you want to achieve a healthy work-life balance?
If you are suffering or would like to achieve optimum health and balance, for both body and mind, please call me now to book an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation.

Clients have reported amazing life changing results for overcoming both physical and psychological health problems including:

» Migraines & Headaches
» General aches and pains
» Back pain
» Arthritis
» Digestive problems
» Stress
» Sleeping problems & insomnia
» Eczema, psoriasis & skin conditions
» Trauma, fears & phobias
» Fatigue, tiredness & lack of energy
» Depression & psychological issues

Personalised gift vouchers available.
Reduced rates for children, military veterans and serving personnel.
Home visits are available on request (minimum charge applies – for home visits outside a 5-mile radius of St.Albans, there is an extra charge.)

Please call Marion on 07710 227109 or email for consultation or appointment availability.


Marion’s new massage treatment is a truly wonderful and unique experience. Blocking out light and sound allows your mind and body to truly relax. I felt immersed in a warm, cosy, comforting cocoon and soothed by Marion’s magic touch!

I experienced Marion’s newest massage technique. This entails wearing an eye mask to block out all light and over the head headphones which play white noise, at a volume I picked, which was sufficient to block out all but a distantly passing emergency vehicle siren. The aim of the eye mask and white noise in the headphones is to block out external stimuli so that it is possible to fully focus on the sensation of the massage Marion was doing and not be distracted. And it worked! I have had many massages of various types, and I can fully recommend this one.

I heard that “The Natural Touch” had introduced a new and different relaxing massage. I have always believed that a regular massage is essential to de-stress the mind and body so I decided I would love to try it. I was not disappointed … and, it was different… all noise was blocked out by a special headset that allows you to relax without the interference of outside noise. I was very soon feeling soporific and relaxed. It was like no other massage I have ever tried. Very pleasant gentle but effective sweeping and circular strokes were used followed by very light holding points down the spine and on the foot. I have to say it was really lovely and I would recommend Marion to anyone.
SW, St Albans


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