Simones Story
Simones Story

Simone’s Story Continuation

January 2024.
Its now been twenty months since I first visited Marion at the Natural Touch for a ‘Crossdressing’ appointment and I have seen her at least twice a month since then. Each time, this has been a truly magical experience. Now, as I write this, a full calendar year has passed, with the wonderful Marion by my side, accompanying me on this bumpy but scenic path of self discovery. 
Definitely a whirlwind of a year, lived more and more as ME, and being able to express the feminine side within.  A year ago when I wrote one of my blogs, I could never have imagined having the confidence to achieve what I have done in 2023, and that is all thanks to Marion’s friendship and guidance. 
Marion and I went everywhere in 2023. We visited a big London Auction House to see a pre sale exhibition. We went to the Wallace Collection, to Kenwood House, the Museum in St Albans, Hatfield House and Gardens, and have eaten lunch on three different occasions at restaurants in St Albans, not to mention our regular visits to a country house hotel for a glass of wine or coffee. 
Even, with what would seem like everyday things such as our visit to Brent Cross and to a Garden Centre last Autumn, these too have been so special for me. To experience these trips and the aforementioned visits, whilst presenting my feminine self to the world is like being born again, and I have to say that I am seeing everything through completely new eyes.
When we are out and about, I always get the feeling that Marion is watching over me, protecting me with her gaze should there be a problem. However, such is my confidence now in how I choose to express my gender, everything goes to plan.
Thanks to Marion I have learned a lot about myself. Her personality is very gentle and totally non-judgemental. Marion has also given me such valuable counselling in how to express my feminine side to my family and using her thoughtful words I was able to come out  to them earlier in the year. A mixed reaction as you would expect, but having a history of questioning my gender identity going back forty years there was, thankfully, a degree of acceptance. Furthermore, I am now able to wear make up at home and have also taken to having my nails done regularly at a local nail salon. All of which is simply wonderful. 
I am not a woman and will never be one, even if I fully transitioned physically. There has been a lot of recent press regarding the freedom of Trans women versus the threat to the identity and status of Women. Some have even begun calling it another misogynistic way of treating women. 
I for one, would never dream of challenging a woman’s rights nor overstepping any boundaries. On the contrary, I will always seek to uphold a woman’s entitlements and fully support the importance and strength of women which is often overlooked in this antediluvian society in which we live. However, I can’t help feeling how I feel, and whilst it is a feeling that is difficult to explain, to be able to express my feminine side so freely gives me such joy and is my right as long as this does not impinge on the rights of others.
Marion’s ‘Crossdressing’ service, is very different to other such outlets. Her approach at The Natural Touch is two fold. If you simply want to escape from reality and live for a while as another person, then you can  bring your own feminine outfits and spend time dressed up in a very safe and calm environment. Added to this, Marion will also  help you with your makeup and deportment. However, if reality wants to escape from ‘YOU’, then what you receive from Marion will be more than simply advice on outward appearance. She will also help you to explore and develop, at your own pace, your inner femininity as well, irrespective of how you present yourself visually to the world and will give you the confidence to live everyday life in big or small ways as the person who you feel that you are.
The advice that I would give to others who are biologically male but feel strongly about their feminine self is to take things very slowly and above all find yourself a ‘Marion’ THIS MARION! 
Moreover, if you feel you want to take things further and go out in public en femme then the winter is best time of year to do so. The darker days, muted lighting and early evenings can help to soften your appearance if you still lack confidence. Also, I found that by wearing a nice big coat can provide you with a kind of refuge in which to hide if you feel uncertain about how you appear.
Showing my age I keep remembering the lyrics from the band New Order and their track entitled “True Faith’ which really sums up how I feel.
“I feel so extraordinary
Something’s got a hold on me
I get this feeling I’m in motion
A sudden sense of liberty”
Thank you Marion, for being you, and for helping ME and others in their quest to find and release their feminine self, and good luck to all those who travel on a similar path as mine.
Much love to everyone.
Simone xx


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