The wonders of Nu Skin

So how did I discover the wonders of Nu Skin?

Well, 4 years ago I came back from living in Uganda and was in a mess, I looked dreadful and so old. It was an experience I am glad I had but very stressful and it showed on my face.

I visited a friend who introduced me to the Nu Skin galvanic spa and things changed from then on. I was so impressed with the results that I went on to try the Life Pak supplements. I had never really used supplements before because there is so much conflicting information, and how do you know if they are helping and how much?

Nu Skin with Pharmanex have a Biophotonic scanner that measures your levels of anti-oxidants, your levels of protection from illness, and after taking the supplements for 3 months another test is taken. This showed my anti-oxidant levels had shot up I was once again impressed so I joined up as a distributor. This gave me a bigger discount and with the point system enabled me to receive free products, of my choice, and to sell to others, I have been using the products and selling them to friends and family since then.

Recently both of my daughters were looking for a way to earn money working from home and around their families. We talked about the products how much they liked them and how with small children and working part time from home they could build up a business with no initial outlay, no starter pack and still have time for the family. They are now part of my growing team, for them to work around their life and build a better one for their family for me to be able to put away money for my retirement.

I chose Nu Skin as I love, trust and use the products daily, can see the great results in myself and others. Nu Skin have a great compensation plan, more favourable than many other Network marketing companies, and the science behind the products is second to none. The fact that I trust the company am building my own fortune (and not someone else’s) makes it a great choice for me and my girls.


If you would like to have a chat about how you could benefit from Nu Skin products, or are looking to earn more money and want to consider becoming a distributor, please get in touch.


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