What is white noise?

Do you have trouble relaxing and switching off?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you suffer from insomnia or tinnitus?
Have you got an over busy mind?

When you have a stressful job, home life or both being able to switch off at night and during the day even for a short time is really important for your health and the relationships around you.
Not being able to de-stress and sleep at night can leave you feeling exhausted, irritable and unhappy. There are many different ways to help to de-stress and listening to white or  pink noise is a less well known way to help. Incorporating white or pink noise with massage can be a real bonus to aid relaxation and really go into a deeper state.

What is white noise?
White noise is a combination of all the different frequencies of sound a human can hear in a frequency that the brain takes in.

The human ear can hear all frequencies between 20 and 20,00-Hz which means you are listening to 20,000 different tones at the same time. Because you cant separate all these different sounds its all sounds like a blur and surprisingly can be very relaxing. This white noise can be man-made or a natural sound from just listening to the rain, wind, running water etc. You may not like all white noise so try them out to find what works for you.

How does it help?
Listening to white or pink noise helps to drown out all outside noises making it  much easier to concentrate, relax and sleep. Our brains like to be stimulated which is why some people, more than others find it difficult to switch off. With the white noise playing your brain concentrates on the white noise, gets the stimulation it likes and then lets go of the unwanted thoughts and chatter in the mind.

Tinnitus is the constant ringing sound in the ears which can be extremely difficult to cope with especially at night. Playing white or pink noise helps to drown out these noises and again together with a massage can for some people, give a prolonged relief from the unwanted noises.

If you suffer from lack of sleep or even the ability to truly relax why not try a sensory massage. Listening to white noise to take away outside noises, wearing an eye mask to shut out the light you have in effect temporarily removed 2 of your senses. This enhances your other senses so during the massage your sense of touch is heightened which truly aids in the relaxation. If you would like to try a sensory massage please do get in touch.


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