What is Holistic Therapy
What is Holistic Therapy

What is holistic therapy?

So, you are wondering “what is holistic therapy” and maybe even, “what can it do for me?”.

The definition of Holistic in the Cambridge dictionary is:

‘Dealing with or treating  the whole of something or someone and not just a part’

Holistic medicine is to ‘treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit not just the disease, injury or issue’

Hippocrates, who is considered by all, the Father of Modern Medicine born circa 460 bc, talked about a holistic approach to medicine, and warned doctors over 5000 years ago, not to interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself.

But what is Holistic Therapy?

Before the 20th century all medicines were plant based and the herbal medicines treated the illness without many or any contraindications or causing other medical illnesses in the body. Doctors then, had more time to talk to their patients and ask more questions and therefor able to offer a more holistic approach. Sadly since natural medicine was pushed to the back stress levels rose as did many illnesses and patients expected a ‘quick fix’ all this changed. The doctors now are trained very highly in prescribing pills and medicines and due to time restraints don’t really have the time to see the ‘bigger picture’

It has become well documented in all areas of medicine and healing modalities now that stress plays a massive part in our health, physical, mental and psychological. So the holistic approach to healing a person is becoming more and more important, looking at their lifestyle, past and what is going on in their life right now. Asking these questions can usually ascertain if anything is going on either at home, work or within relationships that could be causing say headaches, backache IBS etc. then looking at these areas and recognising them. Often when a person realises what may be causing their pain or illness they can choose if they wish to, to make changes to avoid what is causing the issue and not necessarily need a pill. This would be called the Holistic approach.

In the last number of years more and more people are seeing that just popping a pill is not always the best approach and are going back to the more natural ways of health care using complimentary/alternative therapies and natural plant based treatments. Looking at preventative health care is also growing in popularity especially in areas of exercise, diet and less stress. Generally if a person goes to the doctor they are asked what symptoms they have, how long for and where is the pain. An holistic practitioner has a slightly different and longer list of questions and of course more time to spend with the person.

What to expect when you meet a holistic therapist

This would be a typical questionnaire taken before an holistic therapy such as massage or reflexology therapy. A psychiatrist or therapist treating mental health issues would usually have a more in depth list.


NAME______________________________________ DOB________________
ILLNESSES___________________________________CRONIC/ ACCUTE
HIGH/LOW Blood Pressure_________________
MUSCLES ACHES/PAINS___________________________
STRESS LEVELS_________________________ CAUSE____________________
SKIN ISSUES_____________________________
SLEEP PATTERNS___________________________
REASON FOR VISIT______________________________________________________

There is a whole list of Holistic practises and therapies to look at if a person wants to go down that route and some research is useful to find out what the person needs or feels would be right for them.

Holistic therapies include


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