What is depression and can natural holistic therapies help?

The dictionary describes depression as “feelings of severe despondency and dejection”

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes for many many people in all walks of life, young and old and can strike at any time. For some people it can be just a one off occurrence after a stressful/ traumatic incident but for others it can be over a long period of time and can be very debilitating.

There are numerous medications available either from the GP or over the counter, for some people these work well, others they help a little but for some medication is not the answer. And for some of course, using medication alongside holistic therapy is the way to go.

Can natural holistic therapies help?
How do they work?
What do I need to do?

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT often called “tapping” or acupuncture without the needles.
All negative emotions in the body are caused by a disruption in our energy system. Rather like a light bulb that keeps flickering on and off, the energy/wiring is faulty and unless you reconnect the energy it will keep on happening. In our body, using EFT, this is done by tapping on meridian points on the hands face and upper body.













By tapping on specific points and stating how we feel we can restore energy balance and our body can go back to working to its potential. EFT is suitable for all ages, working with physical, emotional and psychological issues. Tapping is a simple, painless and easy to use self help technique. It can be learned by anyone. EFT is especially helpful for depression as it can be done at any time anywhere and by the person themselves. However it may be best to get a qualified practitioner to help you to start with and they should be able to show you how to do the tapping at home.


EmoTrance = emotional transition and is another energy technique that is easy to use and can be extremely useful and gentle for people with depression. This can be done anywhere and at any time although some quiet time and privacy would be more beneficial.

EmoTrance is done by focusing on the issue that is causing a problem, and noticing the area in the body that feels tight or uncomfortable hot or cold. (example-this could be the heart area when thinking about a loss or sadness or the throat area when feeling nervous about having to talk to someone or about something.)

Then holding the hand over this area deep breaths are taken in and then on the out breath you imagine the sensation is getting smaller, lighter, softer. This then can helps to make the issue less sensitive or eliminate it all together. Sometimes this can be done in 1 session but I like to say between 1-3 sessions.
This technique is easy to learn with practice but it could be easier to start by seeing a practitioner who can give you ideas to do at home.

Spiritual healing

The dictionary describes spiritual healing as-
The activity of making a person healthy without using medicines or other physical methods, sometimes as part of a religious ceremony: Spiritual healing has an ancient pedigree, with much evidence of success.

Spiritual healing is not necessarily a religious therapy although would be if given by / through the church. It is about restoring our spirit to its correct balance.
Spiritual healing is a very gentle technique with either the hands on or off the body ( I use the hands off version). The client will either sit or lie down in a quiet warm room and usually will be asked to take a few deep breaths. This starts the relaxation and letting go of tension either physically or mentally or both. The practitioner will then hold their hands a few inches above the body over the 7 most known chakra areas.












And with intention ask the universe or which ever god they believe in to give energy to heal the person. This can be a very powerful technique for depression as there is no need to explain anything, the treatment is usually done in silence and the practitioner feels where there is a disruption in the persons energy and will hold their hands over this area to relieve and blocks.

These 3 natural holistic therapies can be given to most people with depression but for some mental health diagnosis is not suitable.

If you are interested in any of these treatment please do get in touch.


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