Is waxing for men as well as women?

Women have been removing body hair for many many years, and now it is not unusual for them to have an all over hair removal routine. Over the last 10 years or so, the number of men wanting to have smooth silky skin has been rising at an increasing rate. Although this started mainly with the chest (possibly more for athletes, swimmers, cyclists and body builders) intimate waxing is a fast growing, forgive the pun, treatment for men.

In my practice I see men ranging in age from 18 – 70 years. Yes, the 70 year old was a newbie to waxing, going on a weekend break with a new lady friend who preferred no rampant hair in the nether regions.

He did find it rather painful, and he hasn’t been back  for another wax, and is sticking with the massage instead. I don’t think the weekend was a great success either!! But to give him his due he did try.

Some of my male clients are sent by their “other half” and are extremely nervous to say the least. Trembling knees and a look of terror on their face is a fairly common occurrence. However, I try my hardest to put them at ease with my good sense of humour, a calming presence and an extremely superior natural wax, from Cetuem, that causes less discomfort, less irritation and works well even on the shortest hairs.

The feedback from these clients, not to mention 9 out of 10 of my male and female clients is “that was much less painful than I expected” and very often I hear “the least painful waxing I have ever had” so thank you Cetuem!

The younger clients are a little less likely to have intimate waxing, as this is possibly an embarrassment thing. They prefer to opt for chest, abs and legs. Any client under 18 years has to have a parent/guardian present, and that person would need to sign to say they were present through the treatment. I did have a 15 year old boy call me once, but when I said he would have to bring his mother the phone call came to an abrupt end.

I have a number of transgender clients who have the full body waxing. Toes right through to ears, nose and eyebrows. This is a very long procedure and not for the faint hearted. It lasts around 2 1/2 – 3 hours. One of my clients, Emily (see her blog on my website) has become more than a waxing client and we have been on shopping trips together, in-fact Emily’s first ever trip out, as Emily, was with me. A great experience for both of us.

The majority of my male clients are in the 30 – 50 years age bracket, some are regulars every 5-6 weeks, some just for special occasions and others just a couple of times a year for their holiday.

I have a huge client base for the male intimate waxing and believe I am the only person to offer this service in St Albans.

Now that Spring is on its way, and if you are planning hair removal and want to try waxing – please check out my male waxing prices or get in touch and take the first step.


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