Dangers of home waxing
Dangers of home waxing

The dangers of home waxing for men and women

Considering a home wax treatment? Discover the dangers of home waxing for men and women to ensure your home wax is successful.


Using a home waxing system/pot can be difficult to get the temperature correct and therefore the chances of burning the skin are high. A professional therapist should always use a thermostatically controlled wax pot and test on the inside of their own wrist before using on the client and ask if it is ok.

Skin tearing

During waxing the skin needs to be stretched fully and correctly to be able to remove the hair properly this is not easy to do on yourself. In certain areas of the body, intimate, it can be easy to tear the skin. A therapist will often ask you to stretch your skin to help them so using 2 hands not one.


A waxing system bought over the counter may contain chemicals that could cause irritation or a skin  reaction. It is always best to try a patch test first, which is not always possible to do without buying the product from a shop/on line. A salon should use the best quality wax without harmful ingredients, a patch test can always be requested 24 hours before the waxing treatment.


Knowing when to wax ie. the hair needs to be a certain length. If you have been shaving or using a different form of hair removal the hair may not be long enough and areas will start to grow through unevenly. A therapist will be able to tell if this is the case but their wax may be able to work with shorter hair.

Not removing hair fully

It is not easy to wax certain parts of ones own body, back of legs, under arms, intimate  etc. and trying to do this can leave patches unwaxed or areas left with wax on which can be a difficult and long process to remove. Your therapist will be able to get to the difficult areas with ease.

When choosing your waxing therapist or salon always check that they are qualified and insured with a reputable academy or teaching school. They must be insured to give waxing, Certificates of both should be on display or available to be shown when asked. No insurance can mean that they are not qualified and if there is a problem would be very difficult to claim.

  1. If you have not been to the salon/home before ask questions
  2. If you have sensitive skin ask for a pre wax patch test ( 24 hours before)
  3. If you arrive and are not happy with the cleanliness do not hesitate to leave
  4. If the wax feels too hot say so, and if the therapist does not listen do not carry on.

Most salons and home salons are clean, insured and have a qualified experienced staff. Happy waxing!


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