spiritual healing
spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing

Many years ago, whilst I was giving massages, my clients often commented on how warm or even hot my hands became during the treatment. I wasn’t aware of any changes in my hand temperature but obviously, they were. I did, however, observe that my clients seemed to become really relaxed very early on during the massage.

Some months later I was doing voluntary work at a cancer centre and mentioned the ‘hot hands’ to a colleague, Maureen.

I will never forget what she said: “You are giving healing Marion”.

My reply was: “Don’t be ridiculous, I can’t give healing”.

Maureen explained that healing was exactly what I was giving and, as a healer herself, she knew I was too. It took me a long time to get used to this information and I was not sure how I felt about this. Over the next couple of years, I looked into, and booked on to a number of different healing courses, but was disappointed with either the content or the tutor. I was obviously extremely difficult to please. Or was it just that I had not found the right one.

Then I came across the NFSH now known as The Healing Trust. I signed up and started the course I was happy with the content, tutor and most of all the probationary period that meant I could not be qualified until I had done a number of case studies and training days. After qualifying, I was still a little hesitant as to how I could actually help clients with healing until one Sunday morning.

Playing cat and mouse

As I was reading the paper and enjoying my morning coffee, the cat jumped up on the bed with a mouse in its mouth. I screamed, the cat dropped the mouse and I managed to catch it. As far as I could see it was dead, possibly in shock, but definitely not moving. I placed it in my cupped hands and started to give my version, of healing. My husband (now my ex!), was mortified.

“What the heck are you doing? Are you mad?”

I carried on doing my thing and the little mouse suddenly started to move and came back from the dead. I shut the cat in the bedroom, went downstairs and set him free in the garden. This was my first animal healing and showed that I could actually help, animals at least. This allowed my confidence to grow and I moved on to helping people and bigger animals.

Since then I have worked predominantly with people, but dogs and cats too. Sceptics will dismiss healing as nonsense but along with the mouse and the other animals, I have witnessed many clients with positive results.


This is a testimonial from Sharon, a very grateful dog owner who had spent a lot of time and money trying to treat her beloved pet:

“My dog Shadow responded well to healing. She seemed to understand this was helping her and would present to Marion the part of her body which needed to be worked on. She clearly enjoyed the sessions and became very relaxed.

“Shadow was very ill, a grossly underweight dog when Marion first saw her. She had become quiet subdued and she had lost her over-the-top exuberance. Nine months on she is now a happy and healthy dog, has regained her normal body weight and has returned to the cheeky young dog she used to be! Thank you.”

Healing was given to shadow over a 2 month period.

If you would like to find out how healing could help you, get in touch here.


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