skincare regimes
skincare regimes

Skincare regimes for all ages

When it comes to skincare regimes the earlier we start to look after our skin the better.

As babies, our skin is plump hydrated and soft. This is because, when babies are in the womb they are protected from any skin damage from pollution, sun exposure and all the things that age the skin.

As children and teenagers, the collagen, which makes up 75% of the skin, is at a healthy level. Therefore the skin looks plump with no wrinkles. But this changes with time, and from the age of approximately 20/25 the skin starts to age.  The collagen levels start to decrease,  lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive sun exposure and general pollution increases dehydration which robs the skin of moisture and antioxidants and causes the skin to wrinkle more rapidly.

Skincare regimes in your 20s

At this age, looking after your skin is probably not your top priority, but a daily skincare routine is needed to stop the fine lines appearing.

An ideal routine would be:

  1. Morning and night use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and dead skin cells
  2. Follow with the correct toner to restore the skins pH balance
  3. Morning a good moisturiser with SPF to protect from sun damage
  4. Night- night cream to hydrate and feed the skin
  5. Once/twice a week depending on skin type use a mud mask or exfoliating cream

Skincare regimes in your 30s

This is when skin damage and fine lines start to show so the products should have anti-ageing ingredients. Using products with (PHAs) will help with skin renewal. Follow the skincare routine as above and add-in in a home microdermabrasion product to give a really deep cleanse.

Skincare regimes in your 40s

This is when your skin generally becomes drier as the sebum production has slowed down. Follow the skincare routines as above making sure your products are more moisturising. You may also want to start using an eye cream or serum to help with any sagging around the eyes or puffiness.

Nu Skin Products

Skincare regimes in your 50s – 60s-70s

Make sure your cleanser does not strip your skin of moisture. Products containing  alpha hydroxy acids help remove dead skin , clear up menopausal acne and stimulate collagen production.

Choose a moisturiser with high SPF to protect your skin and anti ageing ingredients to slow down the signs of ageing, and a gentle exfoliant which will help maintain smooth supple skin.

It is never too  late to take care of your skin, there are lots of products on the market and video’s on YouTube to show you how.

If you want a more personal touch a skin care consultant or clinic will help you.


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