Scrubs, masks and peels

How to keep your skin looking clean clear and vibrant

Keeping your face looking young fresh and line free doesn’t need to be that time consuming or difficult, but finding the right product for your skin can be daunting.

In my recent blog I spoke about how to cleanse your skin daily, so this time I thought I’d introduce you to once / twice a week routine using scrubs masks or peels.


10 reasons to use a face mask

1. A deep cleanse

2. Draws out impurities from below the skin’s surface

3. Detoxes the skin

4. Absorbs oil

5. Hydrates the skin

6. Unblocks pores

7. Stimulates blood flow to the face

8. Tones the skin

9. Renewed and healthy looking face

10. Easy to use

I recommend Epoch marine mud. It is suitable for all skin types, uses natural ingredients, is easy to use and gives a deep purifying cleanse.

Face scrubs

10 reasons to use a face scrub:

1. For all skin types

2. Exfoliates the skin

3. Helps to improve the skin’s  ability to retain moisture

4. Helps to minimise fine lines

5. Helps stop blemishes, spots and pimples

6. Removes dead skin cells

7. Leaves skin feeling smooth

8. Removes dirt and debris from the pores

9. Use once a week

10. Easy to use

My recommendation would be Nuskin exfoliant scrub, extra gentle on the skin NO micro beads has soothing after effects.


There are different types of facial peels – it depends  on your skin type as to which is right for you.

10 reasons to use a peel:

1. Always do a patch test first

2. Removes dead skin cells

3. Good for acne and oily skin

4. Can help reduce pigmentation

5. Can help reduce fine lines

6. Can reduce signs of sun damage

7. Can be done at home or in a salon

8. Helps skin to hydrate

9. Skin looks fresher and clearer

10. Skin looks younger

When choosing a salon, look for testimonials and feedback, and talk to the therapist first. Make sure they have insurance and are fully qualified. If you want a home product, I would recommend Nuskin polishing peel, which is clinically proven to be equivalent to a professional microdermabrasion session.


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