Pilonidal cyst
Pilonidal cyst

Pilonidal Cyst

What is a pilonidal cyst?

A pilonidal cyst also called a pilonidal sinus is a skin condition originally caused by an ingrown hair. It occurs on the body anywhere around the tail bone, the bottom of the spine, to the anus. Although it is not a serious medical issue it can become embarrassing, smelly and terribly painful .

This conditions is usually found on men from 16-25 years obese, hirsute and those who suffer with heavy sweating.
Especially those where they are sitting down for long periods of time, truck drivers, office workers cab drivers etc.

The ingrown hair can cause a cyst which fills with puss and gets infected. Although it can self heal, this rarely happens by itself and often it has to be removed surgically. Sometimes a small area under the cyst called a sinus, gets infected and causes more problems and infections.

The open wound on the skin is prone to drawing in loose hairs from the bottom area and when this happens and a hair gets trapped in the wound it gets infected.

If this becomes a chronic problem then surgery can be used to remove the cyst and in some cases plastic surgery to finish the procedure.

Case study

  • 18/5/2021 – J. first came to me very nervous and visibly uncomfortable.
    He explained his condition and that his consultant had suggested waxing would be a good way to help. Because of the embarrassment of having the crack area waxed J had waited a long time before making the appointment.
    I explained that crack and bottom waxing was not new to me, although was of course new to him, and tried to make him feel less anxious.
    The open areas were very visibly red and looked extremely painful. I cleaned the area and after testing the temperature of the wax was correct, I applied the hot wax. I got as close to the sinus as possible without actually going over it and waxed the crack area.


  • 1/7/2021 – J arrived for his second treatment and although still a little anxious and still embarrassed he was happy to be there. The sore area did look better and this time I was able to wax a little closer.


  • 5/10/2022 – J has been having regular treatments approximately 7-8 weeks apart, for over a year now and the open area is hardly visible with no re-occurrence of the sore inflamed sinus.


If you or someone you know is suffering from this nasty complaint please do get in touch.



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