Networking at Athena

I am very keen on local networking as I really enjoy connecting with and supporting fellow local business owners.

At The Athena Network in Hertfordshire this November, I devised this short poem which had great feedback, so I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

Networking at Athena

Marion Adams is my name
holistic therapist is my fame
to keep my clients fit & well
inside & out I’d like to swell
antioxidants are our saviour
bright fruit & veg with wonderful flavour

The more we eat the better we survive
please don’t let your health take a dive
if you don’t know your caratanoid levels
just take a scan be a rebel

For just £10 – that’s 1⁄2 price for you
we will get a clearer view
in a 30 second scan
no pain or intrusion
a score you will have
to make your conclusion


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