National Allotment week 10th – 16th August

Growing Food for Health and Well-being, is a growing trend, excuse the pun, with more people realising that exercise and eating home grown fruit and vegetables is not only fun, a great way to make new friends and can be extremely beneficial for their mental health.

EFT, the tapping technique, is a unique therapy that can often bring relief for many mental health issues including anxiety, stress, trauma, insomnia, depression, weight loss and even physical pain

What is EFT? – EFT emotional freedom technique is an energy technique to help release emotional disturbances in the body and mind

How do I perform EFT? – Light tapping with the fingers are used on specific tapping points on the head, face, body and hands

3. How does EFT work? – Tapping helps you to access your body’s energy system to release the emotional attachment to an issue.

4. How often should I tap? – For home use at least 3-4 times a day for a couple of minutes each time

5. How long should I tap for? – Anything from a couple of minutes to around 15 minutes to really work through an issue

6. Do I need to see a therapist? – EFT is a self help technique however a therapist may be needed to start the process

7. How many sessions will I need – Everyone is different for some people one session (with a therapist) can be all that is needed for others it will be more

8. Who can EFT help? – EFT is suitable for all ages babies, children and adults.

9. Can EFT be used on animals? – Yes EFT can also be used on animals

10. What should I say? – The words to use should reflect how your are feeling ie: even though I am scared, upset, in pain

11. Where are the EFT tapping points?


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