My First Day Out In Public as Emily

The second blog following transgender Emily’s journey

When I finally decided that I wanted to go out in public as Emily, I enlisted the help of Marion. I discussed the idea with her and she was very supportive. I already regularly had several beauty treatments with her: waxing, painting finger and toe nails, shaping and tinting my brows, and tinting my lashes.

Marion recommended a wig supplier and I made an appointment. Billie was excellent and I now am the proud owner a very suitable wig – everyone I have shown it to says it really frames my face well and that the colour is perfect.

I then went shopping with Marion to get an outfit. I put on my wig, heels, gaff (a kind of stretchy thong), knickers and bra, as well as my male shorts and T-shirt (I didn’t own a dress/skirt at that time). I owned several bits and bobs already, but Marion loaned me a handbag for our day out, and I’m sure she will be delighted to help others as well if needed.

We started off at the charity shops and Marion helped me select an adorable skirt and top. After purchasing these, I put them on before leaving the shop. It just felt so right to be in a skirt and top.

We next went to a department store for a makeover. The assistant was amazing and even used contouring to give me cheek bones and narrow my nose.

Marion pointed out that my bra didn’t look correct so we went to M&S to get a new one. I was taken into the bra fitting area, the assistants had no qualms and about helping me.

I then spent the rest of the time as Emily. Throughout the whole I day I felt very natural and accepted as Emily. No-one said anything negative and all the shop assistants we met we really helpful. Society is definitely becoming more and more accepting.

I can strongly recommend Marion as an ideal shopping partner, as she is very supportive and knowledgeable. The secret is to do what feels natural and be positive. No-one will question you then.

The highlight of the day was Marion saying it had been just a like a shopping day with any of her other girl friends. It definitely felt that way to me as well.


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