My crossdressing experience
My crossdressing experience

My Cross Dressing and Self Discovery Journey with Marion Part 2

14th October 2022

It’s October 14th. I have mixed feelings about today. On the one hand it is the anniversary of a death in the family and on the other I have an amazing six hour appointment lined up with Marion at The Natural Touch, for a make up and Cross Dressing visit. The prospect of being able to be ‘Me’ in complete safety and comfort, and to share this with a person, who is so under standing, is such a wonderful opportunity.

I arrived at Marion’s and after a catch up over some coffee, Marion kindly waxed my eye brows. I then dressed in a denim skirt together with a grey woollen top. Already feeling so good, she then assisted me with my make up, which more and more I am able to do for myself thanks to her. Despite arriving overloaded with different dresses and shoes as usual, I never changed out of this first outfit all afternoon.

Following my last visit to see Marion, I had already planned in my mind another trip out in public dressed en femme. I had researched some of the local Churches close to the Natural Touch, which might be open during the day for private prayer. Having explained to Marion my suggestion about visiting one of these we set out in my car. I would have preferred to walk as it wasn’t far but the weather wasn’t that good. We quickly arrived at our destination and we proceeded to have a good look around the beautiful Church. For me this was very emotional, because I found myself perhaps, coming out in front of God. Afterwards we went for a short drive and then back to the studio.

As always, to have Marion by my side was of so much comfort and I could not have done this without her.

My one regret in all of this is that I never had a Marion and especially THIS Marion to guide me twenty or thirty years ago. I wonder how different life would have been.

I don’t know where this journey is taking me, but I am happier than I have been for a long time. Marion has drawn out something in me, which I think, due to societal restrictions, expectations and norms, has been too long repressed and she has enabled me to find a freedom.

I would like to hope that this little diary of mine encourages others to set themselves free. To be whom they are and to embrace their dual spirits. If their personal circumstances like my own, restrict their feelings then please find someone like Marion at The Natural Touch where one can be oneself even if it is only for a few hours.

Thank you once again Marion.


If you feel inspired by Si’s crossdressing experience, get in touch to book a discreet and confidential appointment today.

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