My crossdressing experience
My crossdressing experience

My Cross Dressing and Self Discovery Journey with Marion Part 1

21st September 2022.

I visited Marion again today for a five-hour make up and Cross Dressing appointment, at the Natural Touch. It was my seventh visit since starting this amazing journey with her in May of this year. A lot has changed for me during this time, predominantly my style of dressing and make up, but above all the confidence in myself.  Marion has really helped to bring out the feminine side in me that has been a part of me all my life. Instead of it being a fantasy, that I could retreat into as an escape, this other side of me has been truly set alive and is now very real.

Marion’s approach is to keep everything very natural. Rather than wear make up as a mask to hide behind, her skill is to use it to bring out the person inside and with her patient teaching through make up I have been able to fully release the other side of who I am.

Before I arrived at Marion’s I had already decided that today was the day to go out in public, fully dressed as my feminine self, for the very first time. So having tried on a number of different outfits and applied my make up, now was the time to take that big step, literally and metaphorically. I went out to my vehicle to get a jacket and felt that ten thousand eyes were looking at me and when I got back to her studio, I felt myself going into meltdown with my heart racing. Marion watched me closely with such care. She said very little but her unbelievable calmness was enough to quell any fears that I had, and the silent encouragement that I felt from her did the trick. Soon we were walking outside in the fresh air, admiring the autumn colours and chatting as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

A truly unbelievable feeling that I wished would never end. Indeed such was my level of confidence that I was almost disappointed that we didn’t see too many other people.

Having Marion by my side, to guide me on this bumpy, winding but scenic path that I walk in a bid to achieve self under standing is so fantastic.

She is a very special lady and I can’t thank her enough.


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