candles have a memory
candles have a memory

Did you know candles have a memory?

Isn’t it annoying when your candle burns only in the centre and you are left with wax up the side of the container. This wastes so much of the candle, it doesn’t look nice, makes it harder to light the next time and then you have to throw half of it away.


On the first time you light your new candle it should be left to burn for the equivalent number of hours to the diameter of it in inches.

So, if your candle’s diameter is 4 inches (10 cm) Particularly for the first time, allow to burn for 4 hours so it melts right to the edge, apparently wax has a memory so allowing it to melt right to the edge of the container the first time will mean that memory will kick in and subsequent times it will do the same thing, avoiding all the wasted wax.

It’s worth noting that some cheaper candles don’t have the correct wick and therefor this theory may not work.

Have your candles got a black mark in them? This is caused by a build-up of carbon and not trimming the wick.


Always trim the wick to ¼” 1 cm before lighting to avoid this happening and after 4 hours if a big candle.

Candles bring such a lovely atmosphere to any space so be safe and enjoy.


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