Keeping Skin Clean

Your skin is your largest organ and needs to be looked after carefully. Facial skin is especially susceptible to dust, dirt, bacteria and sweat, so special care is needed if you want to keep that smooth silky unlined face. If you are experiencing issues with hormone treatments, facial hair (transgender A-gender non-binary clients), or this is just all new to you, here are some helpful hints.

Different ways to clean your face

Although using baby wipes might seem a good idea in a busy lifestyle, they’re not made to use on your face… we all know what they’re made for! So look at your skin type and any issues you may have with your skin, and make a change.

If you prefer to use water to wash your face, then use a face wash rather than soap, Nu Skin have a range of washes for different skin types and skin age:

  • A very gentle, clear action foaming cleanser with Salicylic acid. This penetrates the pores to eliminate most blemishes, and helps stop the build up of oil on the face to stop future breakouts. Safety-Allergy-Dermatologist Tested.
  • The 180 face wash with anti-ageing ingredients for smooth fine lines that will promote a firmer complexion and reduce dark spots and discolouration. With patented formula that delivers active vitamin C to help cell turnover for a clean fresh skin.
  • For the most advanced system 2-in-1 cleanse & tone will transform your skin, helping it look younger fresher and decrease the visible signs of ageing.
  • If you prefer a cream cleanser, the Nutricentials range has two different collections, for normal-dry, combination-oily skin. This soap-free product removes the dirt and toxins picked up during the day without stripping the skin of skin lipids. For a truly customised cleansing skin care routine that is dispensed from a touch-free applicator, please do get in touch for a demonstration.

If you do not know your skin type or which cleanser is best for your skin, why not book in for a ‘try before you buy’ £10 facial – please use code SUMMER.

We can talk you through your existing routine, you can try 2-4 products from cleansers to exfoliators and masks to choose the best for you from the results. This offer is available one per person only until July 2018.


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