July is national picnic month
July is national picnic month

July is national picnic month

Food  always seems to taste better when eaten out in the fresh air whether in the garden, park, woods or the beech. However there are some extra things to think about so here are some ideas to help make it all safer and a more fun experience.

  1. Stinging nettles – If you do get stung by a stinging nettle many people rub the area with a doc leaf. There is no scientific evidence that this actually helps although many people swear by it and it is said the leaves could have natural antihistamine!!!! If you don’t have a dock leaf but do have LAVENDER essential oil you can use this neat on the sting and usually helps to relieve the pain.
  2. Insects – Eating outside can encourage all sorts of unwanted guests from flies to wasps. There are certain insect traps that you can purchase however CITRONELLA essential oil will keep bugs away as will EUCALYPTUS, PENNYROYAL, PEPPERMINT or LEMONGRASS.
  3. Wasps – can be kept at bay with a blend of CLOVE, GERANIUM and LEMONGRASS
  4. Suncream – It is of course very important to look after your skin, your body’s largest organ, even if the sun is not shining. Harmful UVA rays can filter through the clouds and a cool wind on a sunny day may give the illusion of no heat. A good quality suntan lotion, Nuskin SUNRIGHT 35 or 50 works for me, should be used on all exposed skin and a good face moisturiser with added spf used daily.
  5. Cuts and scratches – It is easy to get scratched while out walking and if you have children with you falling over can bean issue. Natural lotions such as ALOE, from the Aloe vera plant can be used to clean and heal cuts and scratches as can LAVENDER AND TEA TREE essential oils.
  6. Hydration – Our body is made up of between 45% – 65% water and needs to be kept hydrated at all times. Pure clean water is go course best however any fluids are better than none.
  7. Protect your face – Your skin is your largest organ and should be looked after well. Looking after your face will help to stop the signs of ageing and likely to make you look happier. A moisturiser containing spf ingredients will help to stop sun damage, and help to stop dehydration. I use a Nuskin product night and day.
  8. Hats – wear a hat outside, this will shade your face and eyes from the sun and a wide brimmed hat also protects your neck. A hat will protect your scalp and although your head may feel hotter your core body temperature will not rise.
  9. Clean hands – When handling food outside it is important to make sure your hands and utensils are clean and free from germs. Germs increase rapidly in the heat and could cause nasty stomach bugs. Boiling water can be used to rinse and wash plates etc and TEA TREE essential oil is great to sanitise both hands and the dishes.

Enjoy this Picnic month, have fun and keep safe.


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