My journey as an expert in male hair removal
My journey as an expert in male hair removal

Why I chose to specialise in male hair removal

I started my life as a therapist in 1994 with Aromatherapy massage and from then on added different holistic treatments to my repertoire. I had a good client base of mainly ladies who then asked, “why don’t you do manicures and waxing”?

Being an entrepreneur, a single mum and needing to increase my income, I looked for a for a course. Time restraints, i.e. children needing to be picked up from school, made the search a little frustrating but I eventually found a waxing course at Harrow College. Not the easiest drive at 9 in the morning from Barnet, but hey it wasn’t in Scotland!

I took the course, got a good pass result, even got an A for my project for the first time ever. Then it occurred to me I didn’t really know much about the wax itself, and whether it was good, not so good or plain dreadful. I wanted to use a wax that I would be happy to use on myself.

After trying out a few different brands and suffering some rather painful body areas, I stumbled upon a family run business in New North London N11, called Cetuem.

This wax, they said, was made from natural organic resins with essential oils. As an Aromatherapist I knew the healing properties of certain oils and I liked the natural element, easy to use and less painful for the client.

I had found my wax

I booked in for a short demonstration on how to use this wonderful wax, purchased my first order and was off on a journey to rid legs, arms and other body parts of those nasty little hairs. I was buzzing.

Another string to my bow and another form of income.

Working as a mobile therapist with all my products and couch in the boot of my car was a mission sometimes, and wax spillages  in the car were an occupational hazard, but luckily not a regular occurrence.

My clients were thrilled,  not only could they get a nice relaxing massage but also get their hairy bits done too, and all in the comfort of their own home.

Time passed. It’s now 2014, I  work from home, no more tramping round Hertfordshire in my sticky car, and I have more male clients. One day a client asked, “if you wax women, why don’t you offer intimate waxing for men? I have to travel way out of the area to get my waxing done”. “I don’t know,” was my reply. I wasn’t aware it was something many men wanted. How wrong was I. Still, the entrepreneur in me said I think this needs some investigating. I asked other male clients whether they had waxing and, if so, where were they going. The same answer came back, not locally.

The search began once again for a good place to do a course. The same name kept popping up, Axiom Wax Academy and Andy. I had found my trainer, I booked the day and waited.

The night before, however, was not a restful one. These days it is advised that gloves are used for waxing but that wasn’t the case when I trained and I had never worn them, I was nervous. It was obviously on my mind that night as I had an alarming nightmare of wax and willies and gloves all stuck together. This story still has friends in fits of laughter but I can assure you my journey up to London to do the course was fraught with trepidation.

The day passed with no problems, no gloves stuck to intimate bits and I passed the exam, yay! I am still using the same Cetuem wax with great results and feedback. I have been ‘willie-waxing’ for 4 years now and have a massive male customer base.

My clients love the fact that discretion and no-embarrassment is guaranteed when you book for your wax treatment. So, if being buff and feeling good is important to you, and you need to find an expert in male hair removal then get in touch.


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