healing for back ache and back pain
healing for back ache and back pain

Healing for back ache and back pain

In today’s busy world, many turn to healing for back ache and back pain to help ease symptoms and restore equilibrium. But why has healing become such a popular treatment for back ache and body pain – and what you can you expect?

Medical research has shown that around 90% of illnesses and diseases are caused by stress. Physical pain can also be caused by stress and holding on to trauma etc. This can be ailments such as back ache, headaches, arthritis and many other ailments. A spiritual healer will look as this pain from a completely different point of view to a medical person. A healer will use an holistic, meaning whole body, method which would be looking at the whole body, mind and spirit.

Healers believe that back pain, for instance could be caused by carrying a big load on your back or shoulders or if the pain is in the lower back, sitting on a problem and not sorting it out. This might sound rather far fetched at first however, many people new to the healing modality soon discover the reasoning behind this.

A healing session

If attending a healing session for back ache (or back pain), it helps to know what to expect:

  • Personal details are taken i.e. name, dob, contact details.
  • The client is asked if they would like to share why they are having the session.
  • Healing can be given with very little information, however, any mental health issues should be shared.
  • The client can either sit in a chair or if preferred lay on the couch or bed.
  • Some clients like to be covered with a blanket, this is for warmth and also to feel ‘looked after.’
  • The practitioner will usually do a short protection ritual to protect themselves and the client from negative energy passing between each other.
  • The client will be asked if they give permission to have hands placed on them or not. Healing can be done with the therapists hands above the body.
  • The session usually begins with the client asked to take 3 nice deep breaths and to feel their body begin to relax.
  • Some therapists will work up and down the the body in a set routine while others might have a feeling on where the healing needs to be sent and just hold their hands on that area.
  • Some clients feel a great warmth or cold from the therapists hands, others feel nothing at the time.
  • The session can take anything form 15 minutes to 60 minutes or however long is needed.
  • Some therapists will say what they have felt or ‘seen’.
  • The end of the session is usually finished with 3 deep breaths.
  • Some clients can feel immediate results others it can take some time.
  • It might be necessary to have more than one session but not always.


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