Hair removal for teenagers
Hair removal for teenagers

Hair removal for teenagers

Hair removal for teenagers is an often discussed topic amongst peers. For many teenagers,  boys and girls the start of hair growth can be a major upset and often a big embarrassment.

Puberty usually starts in girls any time from the age of  8-14; and boys between 9-15. This is a difficult age and the added stress of body hair can become distressing.

At this time a decision can be made, if hair is to be removed or kept. Everyone’s hair growth is different in colour, thickness and rate of growth. Shaving is often the first method youngsters try and for many a quick shave with either mum or dads razor is the first experience.

Teens hair removal options

There is actually no legal age for hair removal however it is very important the it is the clients choice and not someone else’s.

Normally  the under arm and pubic hair begins to show first and then hair starts to grow on other parts of the body, legs and arms, and of course the face for boys.

  1. Shaving is more often than not the first way youngsters try, it is relatively cheap as all that is required is a razor soap or lotion and maybe an after shaving cream. It is painless however razor cuts can be an issue and some people with sensitive skin can get a rash. The razor must be sharp as if used when it is blunt it will drag the skin and could also cause a rash. Shaving doesn’t last very long and for some can need to be done almost daily.
  2. Depilatory  creams.   Creams are another less expensive and  quick way to remove body hair, usually done in the shower or bath,  although can be a bit messy. Always do a patch test first on a small area before using, all good creams will have this on the packaging. Some people can have an allergic reaction to creams especially in intimate areas so check the cream you have is suitable for this. These  areas are not suitable, Eyebrows or around the eye area, nose hair, scalp inner ear. It is not advisable to use this method for the first time just before going out just in case of a reaction and some medications don’t mix well, if in doubt re-do a patch test.
  3. Laser treatment. There is no legal age in the UK for laser hair removal, although under 12 years old is not advisable. Some clinics have different rules and most will expect an adult to be present. Laser treatment doesn’t always work on very fine blond  hair and due to hormones under 18s may find it grows back quicker than expected and is therefore not permanent. This is not a pain free procedure  so the client needs to have this explained and understands. Due to the possible regrowth this could become a rather expensive hair removal system.
  4. Waxing. There is no legal minimum  age for a person to have waxing however as with the laser treatment they should always have an adult present, this is a safety assurance for both client and therapist.

It should be explained that this is not a pain free treatment> However for some, it is nothing worse than removing a plaster. Waxing regularly from an early age can help considerably to slow down hair growth and for many gets easier each time. Most adults find waxing roughly every 6 weeks is good for them but for younger people the time can be longer in-between. Depending how much waxing needs to be done and where you go, the the costs will vary so this will need to be looked at if to be done on a regular basis.

If you are unsure of exactly which treatment you would like to try, most salons/clinics will be happy to have a conversation first.

If you’re local to St Albans and wish to go ahead and book professional female waxing or male waxing, check out our prices and services.


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