What does this mean?

The art of gratitude, and it is an art, is being grateful for what you have in your life and saying so every day. Not just for the big things like your home, car, job, but for the really small things that we often take for granted and would really miss if we lost them. Like our eyes to read and see with. Our ears to hear the rustling of the trees, the bird song, our children / friends laughing. If you are grateful for these two small but massive things in your life then say out loud, “Thank you”. Do it now and see how it makes you feel.

Positive energy is stronger than negative energy and being grateful changes your body’s energy to make you happier and healthier. Imagine running in a race, who do you think is more likely to win? The runner saying / thinking “I can’t do this.” or the runner saying / thinking ”I can do this.” ?

I recently realised that even when I am saying “thank you” it is often for outside objects, family friends etc. There is nothing wrong with this at all but how about being grateful for your own attributes. Now that’s a thought!!!

We are often conditioned to not say too much about what we are good at in case we sound smug or big headed – but why not? If you went for an in interview you would of course show your best side, telling them what you are good at and be confident of getting the job. Why not make a list of all your best points, physically, mentally and emotionally e.g:

  • Patient
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Creative
  • Gorgeous hair
  • Bright eyes
  • Supple fingers
  • Strong legs
  • Clever mind
  • Great memory
  • Good friend
  • Able to understand complicated instructions and follow a map

The list could go on and on once you really start to give time to this your energy levels will rise you will feel stronger and happier. Think of it as your ‘gratitude list’, the things you are grateful for every day.

Go on give it a go and see the difference this makes to your day, your week, your relationships and your life.

I am so grateful for you reading this blog, thank you.


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