Gratitude – The quality of being thankful

Readiness to show appreciation for, and return kindness

What are you grateful for today?
Do you say thank you on a daily basis?
I have so much to be grateful for every day, including all the obvious things such as family, friends, my home, my health.

Right now I am grateful for the opportunity to be in front of you
For my fingers to type
For my brain to think
My eyes to see the keyboard and beauty around me
My voice to be able to talk

But what about the other things in your life and why should we say thank you?

I am so grateful for all the clients I have helped in my 25 years as an holistic therapist. Without them I would not be here now. I would not have that amazing feeling when a client comes back to me with positive results: no more back pain, migraines have almost disappeared, they have managed to conceive, their skin has cleared up, they have more energy, they are happier.

I am grateful that I am able to help clients in so many different ways, physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. I trained as an Aromatherapist 25 years ago and I am so grateful for the lady I spoke to who encouraged me to retrain and follow that path. Since then I have qualified in many other treatments all of which have enabled me to help others. I love my job!

Why should we be grateful and say it out loud?

Verbalising your gratitude raises the vibrational energy in your body which makes you feel good, motivated and draws you what you want in your life. Just imagine your body is a magnet – what you send out is what is attracted back to you. This can be love, work, clients, even a new car or, in my case, parking spaces!

I always say thank you for the parking space before and after I get it… and it is always there.

Today I am grateful that I can show you in a 30 second pain-free scan your carotenoid levels to show you how well protected your cells are. A pain-free scan is suitable for all ages and it could help you to take charge of your health before any problems arise.

After the scan you can make a choice. You can decide to do nothing, your results may be good, you can think about changing your diet, or maybe look into the programme we offer. How thankful I am that I can offer you this opportunity!

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to show you a skin spa that will leave your skin looking and feeling years younger. This might not be of interest to you, but for someone with a skin issue that makes them feel ugly, different or old, this could make a huge difference to their confidence.

I am grateful to offer a whitening toothpaste that doesn’t do any damage to your teeth, a mud mask that leaves your skin silky smooth at the same time as removing all dirt and toxins and helps indigenous communities to thrive (a percentage of the profit is given back to the communities).

Gratitude is the best medicine!

So please be grateful for the big things in your life but also the small things, and the not so obvious things.

Say out loud every morning I am so grateful for…

I promise you will have an amazing day and your life will be happier. You will start to receive things you didn’t expect and be able to help others feel the same too.

If you would like to learn more about my therapies and products please do get in touch.



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