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Bikini wax styles

There are many different styes and names for intimate waxing and it is entirely up to you which one you prefer. This could of course be determined on the style and size of your underwear, swimsuit or bikini. Nobody likes to have those little hairy bits poking out. The shape you choose can also give the illusion of slimmer hips, if that is a consideration for you. If you are not sure which style is right for you then take your swimwear with you to the therapist and show them.

Bikini wax

This is generally the bikini line touch up, just around the edges so nothing shows around the knicker line. This can also include tops of thigh area and above the knickers if wanted.This usually takes around 10 minutes and is a good way to start with waxing if your first time. Suitable for full brief swim and underwear.

Full or high bikini wax

Similar to the bikini wax , the high bikini wax usually entails keeping your underwear on but pulling them in, to wax slightly more onto the pubic area and the inside leg. This may also include taking more hair off the top area further below the knicker line, do tell your therapist what you would like. This usually takes 10/15 minutes. This style would be suitable for high bikini knickers and swim wear.

This is where names can differ and a lot more hair is removed.

Some salons say Hollywood is everything off some say this is Brazilian.


All hair is removed from top, sides, labia, bottom and bum. This treatment removes all pubic hair leaving a fully smooth intimate area front to back. This is suitable for the smallest of swim and underwear and for anyone going naturist. Depending on how much hair you have this can take from between 25-35 minutes.

Brazilian wax

Brazilian wax is probably the most popular with all hair removed from labia, bottom and bum but with a small shaped area left on the front. The most common shapes are the thin line, (landing strip), the triangle or the square. This is suitable for all but the tiniest swim and underwear. Talk to your therapist before they start to get the desired shape and size. This  usually takes around 30 minutes.

After any style of intimate waxing good aftercare advice should be observed to keep the area clean and healthy.

After care advice includes:

– For 24 hours after waxing.

– No perfumed soap, shower gel, body sprays, deodorant, moisturiser, body lotion, fake tan, make-up, hot baths, showers, swimming, steam room, sauna, aerobics, heat, friction, tight clothing, massage.

– No sunbeams or sunbathing for 48 hours.

Happy waxing


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