Essential oils for travel
Essential oils for travel

Essential oils for travel

Holiday time is looming and when packing our cases we are always looking to pack as little as possible and keep it as light as we can. However your first aid kit is not something we should skimp on but what to take?

Essential oils are great because they are small, 10ml bottles, every oil can be used for more than one ailment/injury and most are suitable for all ages. Essential oils are extracted from the roots, petals and leaves of many different plats and trees, they are natural and can be used along side other medications ( do check with your GP)

These are my 3 personal choices for my first aid kit.

Lavender – is a great all rounder for skin issues. Lavender takes the itching out of bites and stings, used neat it can work as an insect repellent. For sunburn a few drops mixed with water and sprayed on the body will defiantly sooth and cool, 4-6 drops in a cool bath will help to. Lavender is good for relaxation so a drop on the pillow at night can help aid sleeping.
Lavender is suitable for all ages and can be used neat on the skin.

Tea tree – is a brilliant antiseptic both for the skin and for cleaning. It is a good insect repellent, insects really dislike the smell. It can be used neat on the skin (always test first) or can be mixed with and cream or lotion. Sore throats and colds benefit from gargling with tea tree or mix with a lotion and massage in and around the throat and neck area.
I use tea tree to cleanse my bed when I arrive at my destination, pull back the bed sheets and sprinkle generously over the bed just in case of any unwanted guests!!!!!

Peppermint – is a great insect repellent, ants really keep away so good to use on the kitchen surfaces to wipe down after preparing food and also on outside eating areas. My travel sickness remedy is to put 1-2 drops of peppermint oil on a tissue breath in deeply and then place this inside top, shirt. Since doing this many years ago I no longer get sick on air planes. Peppermint can help with coughs colds by easing congestion also helps with headaches. Mix 1-2 drops with a lotion and massage around throat and back of the neck or for head aches massage in to the temples. Sore achy muscles can be soothed by adding 2-3 drops in a lotion and massaging the effected area.

If you are on any medication always check with your GP before using essential oil. Do not ingest or get in the eyes.


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