Cutting out sugar and breaking an old habit
Cutting out sugar and breaking an old habit

Cutting out sugar and breaking an old habit

Growing up with chef’s as parents, I was very lucky to have home cooked food for every meal and all cooked from scratch, Lunch was usually a sandwich or cold meats and dinner was meat, vegetables, potatoes and always a delicious home made dessert such as steamed sponge, apple pie, Bakewell tart, all served with custard, and of course my mothers favourite lemon meringue pie. In the afternoon we had cakes or biscuits when we got home from school to tide us over until dinner at 6pm.

All through my life I have stuck to this way of eating, always having something sweet after a savoury meal and usually cake or biscuits with my coffee. Over the years my weight went up and down but last year there were no ‘downs’ and I was carrying far too much extra baggage!!!!

Beautiful size 12 dresses hung in my wardrobe with no chance of being worn. I had started to buy size 14s and felt uncomfortable in my body and very lethargic. Then by chance one day I read an article on how to change a habit in 28 days, I was intrigued. Habits are formed by neural pathways in our brain but they can be changed.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change itself constantly by creating new neural pathways and also losing those which are no longer used. … For the brain to rewire itself it requires sustained practice of a new behaviour which will challenge the brain to think in a new way.

Depending on which report you read it can take approximately 66 days to form a new habit and approximately 21 days to eliminate an old one. With this in mind and realising that my sweet tooth was a learned habit I decided to put this theory to the test.

Sugar has no nutritional value and evidence shows that there are substantial parallels and overlap between drugs of abuse and sugar, from the standpoint of brain neurochemistry as well as behaviour.

On 18th June 2019 I stopped eating food with added sugar my old habit was on its way out.

NO Cakes chocolate biscuits, any tinned foods or sauces etc. containing sugar

YES all fruits.

The first week I lost 3 lbs and with very little effort to be honest. I wasn’t craving anything and if I felt peckish I had either fruit or nuts. I used the EFT tapping technique as a back up when I got tempted or thought I was still hungry. As the weeks have passed I have not only lost weight, roughly 1-2 lbs a week, but my stomach is no longer swollen, nasty looking cellulite on my legs and bottom has faded and my energy levels have risen. Dresses and trousers that once didn’t go near me are now looking great.

My 30 day trial is over and the old habit is broken. That was 3 months ago now and although I do have the occasional dessert or biscuit the habit has gone and most sugary foods don’t taste that nice anymore.


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