My crossdressing experience
My crossdressing experience

My crossdressing experience

Sometimes you receive feedback from a client which touches your heart – and for me, this is one of those occasions.

I have shared the testimonial below which is from a relatively new client who wanted to share their crossdressing experience in the hope it will inspire others.

My crossdressing experience story…

19th May 2022

I visited Marion for the first time today at The Natural Touch, for a dressing and make up appointment. I have dressed on and off all of my life but the in the last 5 years this need to express my femininity has become very powerful. With no one to share this with and a desire to take my ‘look’ further and even have the confidence to go out in public I decided to look for a cross dressing/make over service. There are several near me in London, but Marion’s website stood out like a beacon in the darkness. The wording on her pages was so gentle and felt so reassuring. After a week’s deliberation, I finally telephoned her and our initial conversation felt so right. Appointment booked, I set about putting together a selection of clothes and accessories to try on in front of her. Feeling very nervous and having never dressed in front of anyone for many decades, I arrived shaking. Marion was absolutely wonderful and her calming positive energy took away all of my apprehension. We chatted about how I felt when I dressed and she explained her own background. Very soon we were sharing details about our own lives as if we had known each other for a while and this continued through the afternoon with me in between conversations slipping in and out of outfits that I had brought with me. Marion was very honest about what did or did not suit me, which, since then, has proved to be very helpful, and we had such good fun as well. The visit culminated in me having makeup applied, and being shown the finer details of that art form.

This was the email that I sent to her following that first meeting:

Dearest Marion, I just wanted to thank you for seeing me last Thursday 19th May, Thank you for your encouraging words, your thoughtful input and your kindness. Having felt the need to dress since I was a child for the last fifty years, your understanding was of a great comfort to me. Being able to talk to someone about this for the first time ever has now opened up a whole new part of my life. I am still very much work in progress.

You are a star, thank you again.



7th June 2022

Barely three weeks since my first visit to see Marion, I had booked another appointment. I do not know why I was nervous again this time maybe it wasn’t nerves, but simply the excitement within me. Once again we chatted and I felt so comfortable in Marion’s presence. Sadly, I am not able to dress very often at home without the possible risk of being caught out, and so to do so at The Natural Touch is so liberating. Coupled with that, I am also able to open up my heart to such a wonderful person, who takes my thoughts very seriously, but with a lovely humorous edge. The afternoon was spent as before with me trying on different dresses and learning about makeup application such a brilliant time!

This is the email that I sent to her following that meeting:

 Dearest Marion, thank you so much for Tuesday. 

Once again it was such a brilliant experience for me to be able to escape, with safety, into my other world and to be able to share my thoughts. Your advice and understanding is truly inspirational. My only regret is not having a photograph of that blue dress worn with the red scarf and holding the handbag. Such a simple idea but a huge transformation that made me feel wonderful, thank you.



8th July 2022

Today was my third visit to see Marion. I had booked a six hour appointment and the time just flew by. A couple of years ago I had decided to grow my hair rather than wear wigs, being fortunate to still have a good head of hair despite my advancing years. Previously, I had discussed the problem with Marion of being able to approach a hairdresser who understood how I wanted my hair styled in a feminine way. Having the courage to be open about such a thing always created an obstacle and I have never been able to get the look that I wanted. Today, Marion really excelled in this regard and arranged for her own hairdresser E to join us. It was a truly unbelievable experience.Once again the afternoon was spent with me modelling different dresses for Marion, who gave me the thumbs up for each one. Six out of six in fact! The application of make up by Marion later on just gets better and better as she gets to know me more and it all made me so happy.

This is the email that I sent to her following that visit:

Dearest Marion I just wanted to say thank you once again for allowing me to spend a large part of your day with you today.

Having the opportunity to dress safely makes me feel so amazing and I was buzzing all the way home.

I think that we may have cracked it with the foundation colour as the make up was so beautiful and the little touches around the eyes was inspirational. You have given me so much confidence to just be myself.

Thank you for setting up the hairdressing appointment with E. such a lovely woman.

You are a star and I won’t ever stop thanking you.


If you feel inspired by Si’s crossdressing experience, get in touch to book a discreet and confidential appointment today.


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