Complementary therapies in the NHS
Complementary therapies in the NHS

Complementary therapies in the NHS

It is well-documented that a patient’s psychological and mental well-being plays a significant role in how well they recover from serious illness. Being de-stressed can considerably help to fight off infection and keep your body healthy.

The immune system is a collection of billions of cells that travel through the bloodstream defending the body against foreign bodies such as bacteria, viruses and cancerous cells.

B cells– produce antibodies which are released into the fluid surrounding the body’s cells to destroy the invading viruses and bacteria.

T cells – if the invader gets inside a cell, the T cells lock on to the infected cell, multiply and destroy it.

When we are stressed, our immune system’s ability to fight off infections is reduced and is why we are more susceptible to infections and illness.

So it would seem obvious to help patients with serious illnesses with treatments that could lower their stress and in doing so, increase the immune system, allowing the body to help heal itself and get well quicker.

Many hospitals around the world integrate generic medicine alongside with Complementary therapies such as healing and Reiki. This does not mean, not using medicine, it means using both methods to facilitate quicker and easier healing for the patient.

In many hospitals now complementary treatments are offered to patients with stress and mood disorders, cancer and endometriosis.


Complementary therapies/treatments are not for everyone but it is good to know we do have choices in how we can be treated on the NHS.


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