organic myth in beauty products
organic myth in beauty products

Busting the ‘Organic’ myth in beauty products

I often get asked by my clients to explain about the organic myth in beauty products. Here’s what I always say….

Did you know there is no legislation that requires an organic beauty product to be certified?

What does the term “organic” mean?

It really means nothing, nothing at all!!!! Random companies throughout the world develop their own sets of guidelines charge a fee for their seal of approval. So as long as a cosmetics company is willing to pay for the certification anyone can label their products “organic,” without any consequences.

This means anyone can make an organic claim, no matter how the product was made or how much organic material it actually contains.

Organic content

The product could have as little as 1% organic ingredients and could still   be labelled as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ in its branding.


This is both misleading to consumers and damaging to the organic industry. It puts the hard work and clever formulations that certified organic brands develop at risk.

A tricky dilemma

  • Are all synthetic ingredients bad for you?
  • Are all natural products good for you?

Are you happy?

  • Choose for the right reasons.
  • Ask friends what they use.
  • If a product does not suit you don’t be afraid to return it.
  • Check out the ingredients label.
  • Your skin is your largest organ and deserves to be looked after.
  • Enjoy happy skin.


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