Beginners guide to intimate waxing
Beginners guide to intimate waxing

Beginners guide to intimate waxing

Intimate waxing for the very first time can be nerve racking and embarrassing. However your therapist has seen many clients of all different sizes and shapes, so they will not be embarrassed and should make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Getting ready for Intimate waxing

  1. Find a good therapist, either ask friends or check out their reviews
  2. Call up before booking to see if you like the sound of the therapist and if they sound professional. Make sure you ask questions
  3. Most salons will ask for a deposit particularly on the first visit and there will be a cancellation policy if you don’t turn up
  4. Leave your hair to grow to at least 1 centimetre, waxing cannot be done (well) on very short hair
  5. Moisturise the skin in the lead up to your waxing appointment as dry skin can be more uncomfortable
  6. Do not use creams or oils on the day as this can hinder the waxing process
  7. Wear loose clothing and best not to wear, your best undies, your therapist is not worried about your underwear!
  8. If your body is well hydrated, the waxing will be more comfortable. Top tip – best not to go along with a hang over!
  9. On your first appointment you will be asked for your medical details. This is to check you have no ailments or conditions where waxing is not appropriate
  10. Your therapist will leave the room while you get undressed and explain how to get ready
  11. Depending on which treatment you are having i.e. bikini line up to the full Brazilian you will be asked to either keep on or remove underwear
  12. Your therapist will clean the area to be waxed with a cleanser then start waxing
  13. If your hair is long your therapist may use a trimmer first, this will make the treatment less painful and take less time
  14. Most intimate waxing is done with ‘hot wax’ rather than strip wax, temperature wise there is very little difference
  15. You will be asked to place your legs in different positions to aid the treatment and maybe asked to stretch the skin to help
  16. A good therapist will stop for a moment if you need to take a breath
  17. After your waxing, an after waxing cream, oil or lotion will be applied to sooth the skin and remove any little bits of wax left behind
  18. You should be given after care advice about activities you can and can’t do for 24 hours after waxing.
  19. Hair will start to grow back slowly and your next appointment would be needed in approximately 4-6 weeks
  20. Happy waxing

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