is your bag causing you backache
is your bag causing you backache

Is your bag causing your backache?

Over the years our bags and handbags seem to have got bigger and heavier. The stuff we carry around is amazingly heavy and often not necessary. Carrying your handbag/work bag on the same shoulder every day could be causing your back, neck and shoulders to become painful and the muscles tight.

Many ladies, and men, carry really heavy bags around all day over just one shoulder so the weight is not evenly distributed evenly – and then wonder why they have backache. What you may not be aware of, is to enable you to make sure your bag does not slip off your shoulder, you will be unconsciously pulling that shoulder up. This means your muscles are not relaxed but tense all the time.

Any time you carry weight on one side of your body for an extended period of time, it causes your spine to curve, which leads to back pain symptoms. This is one of the biggest causes of backache.

If you are suffering or do carry heavy bags, try this quick test.

Next time you have no shirt/blouse on, stand in front of the mirror relax your shoulders and look at how your shoulders compare with each other. There can be a massive difference on one side.

Ways to help your back

  1. Empty your bag and de-clutter, you don’t need the kitchen sink!
  2. Remove the heavy coins. Save them in a jar for a treat!!!
  3. Check your bag every night and remove what is not needed for the following day
  4. Choose bags that are light to start with
  5. Use a ruck sack and carry it correctly over both arms
  6. Carry your bag across the body and change sides
  7. Even up each bag, if carrying more than one
  8. Change hands as often as possible
  9. A thicker strap will cause less pain
  10. A pull along trolley is better but do change arms with this too
  11. A good massage can help to alleviate pain but unless changes are made the pain will persist


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