Bacteria in your face cream
Bacteria in your face cream

Bacteria in your face cream

Do you have a reoccurring skin problem?
Are you putting bacteria on your face?

If you use a face cream from a jar, and use your fingers to take the cream out, you could be introducing bacteria into your face cream and damaging your skin.

And, if you keep your creams in the warm damp atmosphere of the bathroom you will have a great breeding ground for germs. Most of us carry bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, on our skin, and most of the time it does us no harm at all, but introducing it to your face cream by putting your fingers in the jar can be an issue. This means that along with your daily dose of moisturiser, you could also be introducing a concoction of bacteria that could cause skin infections.

Some years ago it was noticed that eczema patients who regularly needed to apply cream to their skin, were constantly re- infecting themselves so generally you no longer see emollient creams in big, screw-top jars; they are now sold, or should be, in pump dispenser. If you find that you are constantly getting outbreaks of spots or skin irritations, it could be the combination of bacteria from your fingers and the bacteria in your moisturiser.

Because most people don’t want to put preservatives on their skin. Some of the more expensive creams use non or very little, this means that they are susceptible to carrying bacteria. This could also mean that the active ingredients in such creams could become in- active, as the pH levels are changed and therefore will not work.

Choosing a face cream with a pump dispenser or the latest technology that delivers the cream into your hand automatically is the way to go.


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