ageLOC Me

Following my previous blog on bacteria in your face cream, I have been testing the ageLOC Me system from Nu Skin.

I decided to trial this product because I was interested in the hygiene factor and intrigued by the fact that bacteria cannot grow in it due to its unique formula and dispensing system. I first heard about it through my Nu Skin network of contacts and wanted to see what they are all raving about.

ageLOC Me is an award winning ‘first of its kind’ in the skincare world, totally customised skincare technology system. It is dispensed from a touch-less device which delivers a fast, personalised dose of the serums, day and night creams. Even better, the unit is programmed to deliver the correct dose of the correct creams for day and night application. This makes it so easy and convenient for everyone.

One of my favourite aspects of this particular skin care system is the fact that it targets ageing concerns such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pore size. This means that as anti-ageing skin regimes go, it ticks every box.

A unique skincare system

So how does ageLOC Me  know exactly what skin care you need? Well, it comes with a handy skin care assessment app, which asks you 20 questions in order to analyse your skin. The questions are based on you, your skin concerns and your preferences and is therefore completely tailored to your needs and your skin.

So in my case, having answered my 20 skin analysis questions, it chose the formula for me from over 2000 different variations. They can’t do that on the high street!!!!

With all the anti-ageing ingredients in the serums, and day and night creams it is so easy to use. It even has a timer which flashes morning and night so you don’t forget to use it! You won’t find this technology with any other product, as the delivery system is multi-patented by Nu Skin.

Better still, for all those with busy lifestyles, you can also set  up to have the monthly set of cartridges  delivered to your home. So, not only a great skincare regime, but a time saver as well! Another great advantage is the ability, using the app, to change the ingredients by simply re answering the questions on the app, i.e. if moving to a different climate or for different times of the year.

This beautiful looking and hygienic piece of technology is a must for every bathroom and is now a permanent fixture in mine. In fact, I love it so much I have agreed to stock it so if you would like to find out more, why not get in touch and pop in and I will show you exactly how it can help you and your skin.




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