A Brief History of Emily

Tips from Emily about her transgender journey

I first started being interested in female clothing, etc. when I was in my teens. I started doing various things to get in touch with my feminine side. For example, I used to read in my parents’ bedroom once my younger brother, with whom I shared a bedroom, had gone to sleep. While in there, I’d lock the door and put on some of Mum’s clothes. I then would borrow some of her nighties and hide them under my mattress to put on at night.

As I started to grow body hair, I really didn’t like it and would try various things such as hair removal creams to get rid of it. I now get waxed and have no body hair at all.

Once I went to university and had a bit more freedom, I bought a few items of female clothing from charity shops to wear when by myself. My choices were dire as I didn’t have the confidence to ask for help.

By the time I started work and had my own place, my feminine side was getting stronger; as well as clothes I started experimenting with makeup. I would go to makeup counters in department stores or makeup shops and ask for makeovers. Sometimes I would get the makeup removed before leaving the shop, sometimes I would wear it for a while and wash if off before going home, and sometimes I would wear it home and when I got there put on some clothes to go with it. I even booked a makeup lesson in a salon to try and improve my skills. I have never found a makeup assistant who wouldn’t give me a makeover although some are more “up for it” than others. From experience, the younger the assistant and the happier they look, the more likely they are to use more products. You don’t have to buy anything, but do ask for a list of what they have used. This will be really useful should you want to come back and buy some items and will also make them feel that you are not using them to get a free makeover. I have even found a few assistants who have said to go back whenever I want a makeover.

I then got married and had to put things on hold for a few years. But I couldn’t keep my feminine side entirely at bay. I confided in my wife that I like wearing feminine clothes. She let me dress up for her but decided that she really didn’t like seeing me in dresses, heels, etc. However, she did admit that she fancied the idea of me wearing nighties at night so I do that most of the time. I can wear them during the week but not at the weekend when our daughter comes into the bedroom while we are lying in. I have bought some of the nighties myself and my wife has bought some for me.

I also wore knickers instead of boxers for over a year but that had to stop as our daughter got older and started to notice – she asked why no boxers were being washed, and commented she had never seen some of the knickers being washed in her Mum’s drawers when she was helping put the clothes away.

For Christmas a few years ago my wife bought me a pedicure, and as part of it, I couldn’t resist getting my toes painted red.









I loved them so much I booked myself in for another pedicure to get them painted again. Soon after that I booked in for a manicure as well and got my fingernails painted. I started with a very neutral shade.











I then progressed up to bolder and bolder shades.











I soon progressed from ordinary polish to Shellac because it lasts for about 2 weeks without chipping and is dry before you leave the salon. I continued to get more feminine colours. I looked for ideas on line and found that you didn’t to have the same colour on each finger. I started off with getting glitter on some of the fingers.


I then progress to different colours on different fingers.









My daughter (then 8 or 9) was started to accept the nails being painted and even started choosing some of the colours. For my birthday she picked 10 different colours.









For October I managed to persuade my wife to let me have pink nails for Pinktober (both my parents died of cancer before I met my wife).

My nails have now been painted for over a year and a half. I have had mostly positive comments about them, especially from woman. I have even given them tips how to look after the nails – I put on almond oil every morning and use Nail Envy twice a week. The almond oil “goes through” the Shellac onto the nails to stop them drying out, and the Nail Envy stops them getting brittle.

I even had positive comments from a boy we met at the zoo. When challenged about the nails I have always responded positively, saying that I like them and aren’t the colours beautiful. This stops anyone who is planning on saying anything else negative in their tracks.

I now have pierced ears and wear female earrings all the time. When at Zumba (me + about 12 woman), I have even worn dangly earrings and never had a negative comment.

My wife and daughter accepted the nail varnish, although my then 19 year stepdaughter was not keen at first. But then teenagers are never really keen on anything their parents do. She is now 21 and has accepted it and even tried to book me an appointment at the salon for my birthday, although I had paid for them all in advance, so instead suggested that she get me some feminine earrings – she seemed keen on the idea, so fingers crossed.

I have also experimented with lash extensions and while I loved the way they looked, my wife was really against them so I had to stop. Instead I get my brows shaped and tinted and the lashes tinted. To replace the extensions, I now use a lash serum that makes them longer. Because the change has been gradual, no-one in my family has noticed. Although when I last a makeover the assistant said that I had really long lashes so the serum must be working. Once mascara was applied I can even feel the lashes rubbing against my glasses.

The biggest tip I can give is to do what you feel is natural and then you will be positive about it. If you act positively, most people won’t say a thing and if anyone does it will stop them in their tracks. Society is changing and you find support everywhere you turn.

Best wishes on your journey,


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