Antioxidant scanning, what is your score?

Antioxidant scanning

Staying healthy throughout your life begins with eating the right foods, but this can be very difficult to sustain.  With busy lifestyles, high stress levels, lack of sleep and hydration very few of us actually get all the nutrients the body requires from food alone.  Antioxidants from brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are essential in our diet and the latest findings show that we actually need between 9-13 portions daily.  It is widely accepted in the scientific community that to keep well and healthy, and prevent known diseases it is now more important than ever to supplement our diet;

Do you take supplements?

Are they are working for you?

Now you can put them to the test!

Using this revolutionary, award winning device we take a painless and non-invasive measurement from the palm of the hand in 30 seconds.

This provides scientific evidence, carotenoid levels, as to whether your food/and supplements are meeting the many nutritional needs for human metabolism.

If you would like to have a scan find out your antioxidant levels and what you could do if they need to be increased please get in touch.

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